Monday, April 9, 2012

A Smile is Irresistible

My weekend was great. I've learned that Friday sets my tone for the following two days. Friday morning I went to the gym to practice my swimming. I did 200 yards in five minutes. Rested a little and did it again, this time in 4 min, 5 sec. Still need to get a lot faster, but those 5 seconds could matter a lot during the race! I got out of the pool and jumped on the stationary bike. I biked the whole 10 miles! My gym has one of those fancy bikes with the screen that makes it look like a video game- the handlebars move and the resistance matches the terrain on the screen. Then I hopped on the treadmill and ran/walked two miles. Do you see what I did? I completed the whole triathlon! It took me 1hr, 40mins. At that moment I realized: I'm really gonna do a triathlon! I was going so hard on the bike that I could feel the slight breeze of people walking by me. I had tons of energy at work and couldn't wait to train some more! Saturday I checked out some mountain bikes and bought a schwinn sidewinder to test out. I can definitely get up hills better, but I can tell it's cheap quality. The whole bike jumps nearly everytime I change gears. I'm not sure if i'm going to keep it. I am going to keep my jazzy new helmet though!
I biked 6 miles and then... And then... Ran two miles without stopping!! Can you believe it!? My feet were burning, but nothing could stop me. Have you ever noticed how hard it is to ignore someone smiling at you? But how easy it is to ignore mean looks? I ran downtown by the river and I could feel people giving me some nasty looks, but I didn't care, I just ignored them. Then, just as I was starting on mile two, this sweet lady shot me a huge smile! I had to return it and it brought tears to my eyes. It was like I could feel this complete stranger cheering me on,just from her smile. On Sunday my knees were a little tender, so I took the day off. With the exception of the
chicken fingers and pizza I ate friday, i've eaten really well all weekend. I was craving something sweet saturday night and I needed groceries anyway, so I went to the store. To cure that sweet tooth I got this most amazing frozen yogurt on the planet:
As I was putting my groceries away, I realized something: I didn't put anything away in my pantry. I literally did not buy a single thing that goes in dry storage. No chips, no crackers, no pasta... Nothing! I bought all fresh stuff! And I didn't even mean to do that! Cool.

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  1. Yes, very cool! You look great with the helmet! Keep going... You are doing this!