Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Off the Grid

I'm sorry I've been off the grid the past few days, but I am recovering from a nasty stomach bug. I have no idea what I ate/drank that got me sick, but if I knew, I would cast it off to the Bermuda triangle. I went to a friend's surprise b-day party Saturday night and got sick twice on the way home! Super embarrassing because a co-worker was driving me home. Yes, I was drinking, but I was NOT toasted (I swear, Officer!) It was so mortifying. I continued to get sick all throughout the night and next day. Then the next kind of sickness came (I will spare you the details, I promise- so it is safe to continue reading). I had a fever all night Sunday and had to call in sick to work Monday morning. By Monday afternoon I felt so much better and went in to work for a few hours. Today is Tuesday and I am still a little queasy, but I think I'll survive! Ok, so where was the eureka moment? I would say at any given point while I was in bathroom misery... we put so much shit into our bodies! There is no telling what made me sick, but it was the worst feeling I have ever had. I've never been really big into the whole organic "clean eating" phenomena, but I can promise you that I will take more caution in the foods that I'm consuming. I managed a restaurant for 7 years, so I understand how hazardous food really can be. I Cloroxed my house several times and I even took care to wash my strawberries twice this morning! How is it possible that something essential for our survival can also kill us or make us very sick? Have you ever thought about that? We have to have food to survive, but not just any food. We must make our food decisions wisely and responsibly or else the necessity we call food could kill us. You might not die from food poisoning, but you could die from a heart attack after years and years of bad food in your system. You could get diabetes from a poor diet, the list goes on and on. Enjoy food, but enjoy it responsibly. It is okay to indulge, but make up for it. And be smart with your indulgences! One of the things I am striving to learn, and I think I am doing well with- is learning how to handle splurging. Everyone does it, you just have to know how to balance it.

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