Friday, April 20, 2012


Once again I managed to go to the grocery store and come home to a still entry pantry. That's right- everything I bought was fresh and needed to be stored in the fridge! That yogurt up there is amazing. Seriously, if you have a Kroger, you gotta get this stuff. So yummy. My friend Beth and I went hiking this morning at Radnor Lake. The trails are pretty tough for me. I've only done them three times, but I could really feel an improvement this time. It's a good workout for my quads, which I definitely need for biking. Beth is super in shape, so I felt bad for slowing her down. I'm pretty stoked- beth, amy and I are going to try to hike every friday morning. I love that I have friends that love doing stuff like that. Tomorrow morning i'm meeting another friend at a nearby trail to do some walking. Active friends are happy friends! :)

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