Thursday, March 15, 2012

That Moment When...

-I can cross my legs comfortably -I can wear a dress comfortably -I can wear shirts without having to wear tank tops under them -I can shop anywhere other than Old Navy, Ross, and the fat section of any store -I can wear high heels without having to yell "cannon ball" if i slip -I can sit in theater/theatre/auditorium seats comfortably -I can wear jeans without worrying if the damn button is going to pop off! -I can fly comfortably without fearing I will need a seat belt extender -I can sit in bar stools comfortably -I can run without fearing I could blow a joint out -I can go dancing without feeling like everyone is disgusted by me -I can wear sleeveless shirts comfortably -I can wear shorts -I can get my hair cut without getting grossed out by own reflection with that stupid apron thingy around my neck -I can choose what I WANT to wear, not what I CAN wear ----These are all the moments I can't wait for.


  1. I've been there Lori and I swear when it happens you will need a second mortgage to buy all those clothes you thought you would never get to wear! I love following your journey! Keep up the hard work!

    1. thank you! This week has been really tough, I've had a lot going on. Thanks for the support!