Monday, March 19, 2012

Just Keep Swimming, Oh Yeah

I swam a mile yesterday! It took me damn near an hour, but I did it. I haven't done this in close to a year. All I kept saying to myself was just keep swimming, just keep swimming, oh yeah yeah yeah (please tell me you got the Finding Nemo reference there). I felt really good about it, especially when a super in shape guy jumped in my lane and started up a conversation about how he was going to try and make it through a kilometer (which is 40 laps in my gym's pool. A mile is 66). I thought to myself: a kilometer? I've almost finished that and I'm not even tired yet! I was on lap 33. He didn't finish the kilometer. Not that I was counting, he told me he couldn't do it. I love it when me, all 300 pounds of me, out exercises someone that looks like they're in great shape. The super in shape dude also told me that he had already biked 5 miles that day and was pretty tired. I can bike 5 miles no problem! Was this dude sent into my lane just to boost my ego? Because it just doesn't seem physically possible that I could keep up with him on a bike. I'm pretty sore today, but it's a good kind of sore, the kind that proves to me that I can exercise like a hard core athlete and my body doesn't reject it. I went to the grocery store last night and I am so excited about all the healthy meals I'm going to cook this week (recipes/pictures coming soon). With all this basketball I've been craving chicken wings bad. I baked some last night and they were really good. They're not as tasty as sports bar wings, but they were good and weren't fried. I'm still nursing my foot (no, I haven't gone to the doctor yet), so I'm still off of P90x2. But you know what? I cannot WAIT to get back started on it again! I love how I am actually looking forward to exercise and cooking healthy foods now. I also love that I can exercise hardcore, impressing people that judge me on the outside. I can't wait to see what fitness goals I can accomplish once I get this layer of blubber off of me!


  1. Lori, you are doing GREAT. Keep up the good work!! : )

  2. I love swimming and sunshine. Can't wait for summer. I'm dying to do more outside workouts!

    1. Me too! I'm ready to play some tennis!