Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Doing this Thang

I biked 6.71 miles yesterday! I'm amazed that i'm not even sore today. I mapped out the biking course for the triathlon and I think i'll be able to do it with my cruiser bike. Yesterday I learned that there will be other challenges than just the uphill segments. Braking a bike without gears is killer on your thighs when you've already gone 4 miles! I m going to have to train going downhill a lot before i'm ready. I also noticed that I had a deathgrip on my handlebars- I'll need some gloves. Today I train for the running segment. My goal is to just finish two miles, even if I have to walk a lot of it. I've done very well with eating so far this week. Last night I had a 270 calorie lunchable for dinner and it was surprisingly filling and delicious! Sometimes, you just gotta switch it up! [image_0] I'm learning that I need new habits when I get off work so I don't eat when I get home. I've been painting my nails a lot the minute I get home; this is great because I don't want to rummage through my pantry with wet nails. It's perfect timing too, because if I make it over that 30 minute hump when I get home, i'm good. It's those first 30 minutes i'm home that I battle with. What kind of habits have you formed when you're at home to keep you from mindlessly eating?

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