Friday, March 16, 2012

Break yo fast, fool!

I don't know why I avoid breakfast so much! Here it is, 11:45, and I am not the slightest bit hungry. But I know that I should have eaten breakfast hours ago! I wish I could reverse my hunger patterns to be starving in the morning and not hungry at all once the sun goes down. Here are some breakfasts I have enjoyed:

Grapes and grapefruit, omlette and parmesan crusted tomatoes with acai berry punch.

Wheat french toast egg sandwich with grapefruit.

This looks gross, but actually really good. Thin omlette wheat sandwich with grilled tomatoes and onions, red potatoes, with a feta sun dried tomato drizzle.

Now, I know these all might not be the healthiest choices on the menu, but they're hearty and seem to keep me fuller throughout the afternoon, causing me to eat less later. This coming week I challenge myself to get up early and break my fast!

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