Monday, February 13, 2012

I'm Baaaaaaaack!!

I win first place in the weekend challenge this past weekend! Amy picked me up Saturday morning at 9:30 am and we ran the Capitol steps in the snow. Yes---the SNOW! Then we did Zumba with Cassie for an hour. I ate really healthy all day and didn't drink at all. My foot was killing me though. Sunday I didn't exercise because I was so sore, but I spent the day cleaning, doing laundry, and cooking for the week. I ate super healthy all day. I got up this morning and decided to give P90x a try since I haven't been able to do it for two weeks. I did it! for over an hour!! I'm back:
This is me mid- lunge something. There were a few positions that hurt my foot, but overall it was a success!!! And it felt so good, too! I've eaten really well so far today (except for the Valentine's candy that keeps getting piled on my desk) and I even did 30 minutes of elliptical on my dinner break! Oh! The best part- I weighed this morning and I've lost 3 pounds! I actually gained two pounds over my b-day weekend, so I've had to get rid of those and I did! Plus one more :) Yesterday I cooked the most amazing concoction in my crock pot. It was just frozen chicken tenders, frozen corn, brown rice, cumin, chili seasoning and water. It is so good! And healthy! I will be eating that all week.

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