Tuesday, January 24, 2012


I stumbled last night. I was really craving Taco Bell. I caved and got some. I still got up this morning and did P90x though! I did the balance and power dvd. As I was beating myself up about getting Taco Bell last night, Tony Horton said: "If you stumble, don't beat yourself up. Enjoy your journey." What an awesome time for him to have said that! I don't need to beat myself up for making mistakes. This is a journey for me, and all journeys have obstacles. If they didn't, I would be calling this my "weight loss vacation," which it clearly is not. During my workout today I was just amazed that I could do some of the exercises. I am having to modify a lot still, but I am definitely noticing my muscles getting stronger and my bones are hurting less! I really shocked myself with how much I could actually do today. I am able to stay in plank position longer and do more push-ups. Now if I can just do the pull-ups I'll really be getting it! So, I'm sure you're probably wondering why I haven't posted my weight. I try to stay away from scales. They tend to just depress me, so I stay away from them. I use other factors to measure my progress. The best indicator for me is how my clothes fit. My boss compared tv ratings to the scale. She told me that looking at our ratings everyday can have a negative effect and I can get obsessed and confused because the numbers fluctuate everyday, sometimes for unexplainable reasons. This is so true! Your weight can fluctuate and is not a true reflection of progress. A co-worker asked me today how much weight I've lost because she could tell that I've lost some. I told her I had no idea. With all this said, I will weigh on Feb. 1st. How's that?

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