Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Going Nuts

Lately I've been craving chocolate, which is rare for me. I usually crave the saltier stuff. As I was grocery shopping last night I found dark chocolate roasted almonds! Yum! I pulled out my smart phone to do a little research. I discovered they will actually help with weight loss- can't complain about that! The dark chocolate almond combo is a high source of fiber. So instead of just boring old non salted almonds I can get a little sweet satisfaction. I get really hungry throughout the day and I have discovered that nuts are the best cure for me. I used to make my own trail mixes with all kinds of nuts and dried fruit, but that's not really as healthy as you might think. In my lunch box today is: greek yogurt, low fat string cheese, grilled chicken salad with light balsamic, and of course...nuts!

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