Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Getting my Mojo Back

I didn't exercise yesterday (my birthday) and I have felt really guilty about it. I messed my left foot up somehow; the top of it is sore and it kind of hurts to walk on it. I skipped P90x2 today and just did the elliptical. Not the greatest workout, but at least I worked out! I ate pretty poorly yesterday (hey! it was my bday) but I have done really well today. I will not let myself slip! Don't slip! don't slip! I am looking for fresh, new tools to keep my mojo juices flowing. I joined myfitnesspal- love it! It is so easy to keep track of calories! I also went on pinterest for some ideas and I found a cute little idea for keeping track of weight loss. This is in my kitchen, so I can see it everyday:
Tomorrow is the big day! I promised you I would weigh on Feb. 1st, so stay tuned!! I have not been very good lately, so I'm a little scared. I was talking to one of my friends the other day about bad habits. She has always been pretty thin and exercises regularly. We were talking about the tv and its role in bad eating habits. What is it about eating in front of the tv that makes it so bad?? I have a flat downtown with no dining room. I do have a table with two stools, so I am going to make myself start eating there. The only problem is... it is in my living room right near my tv! I can't escape the tv! AGH! ha. Another thing that is hard for me is that I live by myself, so you can imagine how much fun it is to sit at a table and eat with no noise...NOT!! She suggested I read magazines, read a book, or listen to music at the table while I eat. I think the whole point of eating at a table away from a tv is to eliminate distractions so that you are not just mindlessly eating. Even though the magazines are still a distraction, at least it is better than the tv. I tried it today and it wasn't that bad. I had to have some music in the background though. Here's what I ate for lunch: baked chicken (olive oil, Greek seasoning) with broccoli pesto (steamed broccoli, processed, olive oil, salt and pepper), and mashed white potatoes (fake butter, skim milk, minced garlic). It was pretty tasty!!

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